Exclusive Brands, Exclusive Experience

Our Mission

The name says it all…our showroom is a luxury experience like no other. From the minute you walk through the doors, you will be given concierge level service from pre-sale to post-sale.

Our Values

We value honesty. We are here to serve our clients and will give honest recommendations based on their individual needs. All the specifications will be accurate and up-to-date.

Company Vision

We inspire moments worth savoring in the home.

Company Mission

To provide best-in-class appliances and memorable experiences that bring substance to luxury.


The Cooking Specialist

Our Brand Vision

To fuel cooking confidence.

Our Brand Benefit

Delicious results every time.

Enhances flavors of food, ensures consistency, and eliminates guesswork through:

  • Precise heat control
  • Predictable, consistent temperature
  • Intuitive controls and easy-to-use technology
  • Mastery of every cooking type

The Preservation Specialist

Our Brand Vision

To respect the food.

Our Brand Benefit

Food that stays fresh longer.

Ensures tastier, healthier food and eliminates waste through:

  • Precise temperature control
  • Optimal humidity
  • Purified air
  • Tailored solutions for every need

The Cleaning Specialist

Our Brand Vision

To conquer clean.

Our Brand Benefit

Cleanliness you can trust.

Ensures the dishes are spotlessly clean and dry through:

  • Precise water control
  • Superior drying conditions
  • Fully adjustable interior for every need
  • So quiet it never interrupts

Culture of

Fosters a culture of always doing right by each other, our customers and the environment.

That Inspire

Exceptional design and attention to detail that exude luxury you can see and feel

Quality and

Stands behind thoughtfully designed products tested to perform for 20-plus years

Passion for

Pursues innovative solutions to every customer need through design, technology, and experiences


Creates memorable experiences from website to showroom to retail to installation to use to Customer Care


A focus on continuous improvement that strengthens results, people, processes and technology